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Tesoro Viejo

Tesoro Viejo found itself with a marketing dilemma. It’s a world-class master-planned community in the Central Valley of California, an area without many master-plans, and nothing comparable of its caliber and scale. Further, the Central Valley was seeing an influx of people moving from Sacramento, San Francisco, and San Jose—markets that would see Tesoro Viejo as a delightful value by comparison to places they just left.

Driven by the big idea that where you live has never been more important, Milesbrand determined to challenge both markets with the discovery of something better.

For those living in the Central Valley, Raise Your Expectations speaks to an amenity-rich lifestyle they wouldn’t imagine. For those moving from further away, it speaks to a wonderfully unexpected value proposition. A two-sided dilemma solved, with a win-win for our client.

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