about milesbrand

We provide award-winning real estate advertising. It’s why we get up in the morning. It’s what
we’re passionate about and what we do so well. You’ll find we’re especially qualified to:

Discover the core of our clients’ true differentiation: their unique Brand DNA

Memorably communicate that Brand DNA across all channels,
optimizing each campaign to perform with measurable and consistent ROI

Leverage programmatic buying, real time bidding (RTB) and big data to identify your
customers and then deliver the right message, on the right device, at the right time

the milesbrand process

We’re in the value creation business. We create value by helping our clients identify and communicate their Brand DNA: the most compelling element of their enterprise, and often the most elusive. Once defined, we distill that DNA into a powerful Brand Promise which serves as their foundation for all future communication. So it’s only fitting our Brand Promise is Value Creation Through Brand Differentiation.

It’s through this nuanced process that we’re able to consistently differentiate brands from their competition:


1. Identify
2. Differentiate
3. Create
4. Communicate


The Brand Charrette:

An identification of the essential brand ingredients that provide the most compelling differentiation from competition.


The Brand positioning:

A distillation of what was learned from the Brand Charette into a unique Brand Promise, crucial to answering the most important value-creation question:

“Will people perceive a desireable difference?”


The Brand Storm:

A “storm” of creative ideas designed to determine the most powerful way to express the Brand Promise. The final choice provides a creative platform to guide all future communication.


The Brand Plan:

A comprehensive "go to market" roadmap that integrates brand and business strategies—online and off— to take the brand from how it is perceived today to how we want it to be perceived in the future.

bring your child to work day

With Bring Your Child To Work Day fast approaching, we saw an opportunity to demonstrate our branding process in a fun, creative way: by making our kids our clients.

Why not let kids spend the day creating the ideal places they would like to live—and maybe remind potential clients of how fun the process should be for them, too, with the right partner.

our affiliations

Similarly to our clients, we hold ourselves to higher standards and consistently strive to better ourselves, our work, and our communities. These are the institutes and organizations we’re proud to be affiliated with that help us accomplish those goals.

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