Life on the Lake

Despite having the number one school district in the state and great access to highways, employment centers, shopping and other amenities, its low visibility means this community is a destination location. Luckily, it also has close proximity to a large reservoir—something very unusual for Colorado, and something we saw as an immediate key differentiator. Therefore, the strategy is to claim the reservoir as a major community amenity, highlighted through the use of the tagline: “Life at the Lake.”

2017 Gold Nationals Award—Best Graphic Continuity
2017 Gold Nationals Award—Best Digital Marketing Campaign
2017 Gold Nationals Award—Best Overall Advertising Campaign
2017 Silver Nationals Award—Best Brochure: Master Planned Community
2017 Silver Nationals Award—Best Web Banners/Rich Media Advertising
2017 Silver Nationals Award—Best Print Ad
2017 Silver Nationals Award—Best Print Campaign



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