November 2, 2017

Award Submittal Season: A Peek Into Our Process

Happy award submittal season, everyone! As the world’s most awarded real estate branding and marketing agency, we look forward each year to reviewing all of the real estate marketing work we’ve done and then drilling down to which pieces make the cut for submittal—and then comes the work of actually submitting them!

Here’s a peek at our process for submitting work for real estate marketing awards both locally and nationally:

  1. Make a list of potential master planned community marketing, luxury real estate marketing, and home builder marketing work we’ve created over the year that we’d like to submit
  2. Gather the work and photograph it, if necessary
  3. Write marketing statements for every real estate marketing piece in every category we’re entering
  4. Create a submittal deck that brings all of this information together in a clear, concise, and beautiful way
  5. Wait to hear back to see if we’ve made it as finalists!

This year we submitted 23 real estate branding awards to our local Denver Marketing and Merchandising Excellence (MAME) Awards and we plan on submitting 43 to the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) 2018 Nationals awards.

One master planned community client we submitted 12 entries to the MAME awards for was Crystal Valley, one of the top master planned communities in Colorado and the winner of two Gold Nationals awards in 2017. We’re also excited about submitting work for one of Denver’s newest communities, Avion at Denver Connection. Despite having just opened in August, Avion is already getting a ton of buzz—and sales. The real estate branding work we’ve done for them so far has been very exciting, and we can’t wait to see how it’s received in both local and national real estate branding awards shows. All in all, we submitted real estate marketing and branding work for six clients to the Denver MAME awards and will submit even more to The Nationals. We’re always excited to see how our real estate marketing work fares against our local and national peers and we can’t wait to see everyone at The Nationals in Orlando this January.

Why are awards so important? 

Sure, winning is fun. But what’s even more valuable than winning awards for real estate marketing is the fact that these awards serve as a barometer. A way of measuring our work against the best of the best, year after year. Awards shows challenge us to maintain the same creative and professional standards that have served us for decades. And for our clients it means—at the very least—they’re getting the best real estate marketing and placemaking in the country.

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