May 1, 2018

The Milesbrand Process

As the world’s most awarded real estate branding company, Milesbrand is in the value creation business. We create that value by helping our real estate marketing clients identify and communicate their unique Brand DNA, which is the most compelling element of their company or community, and often the most elusive. Once defined, we distill that DNA into a powerful Brand Promise which serves as their foundation for all future communication. So it’s only fitting our Brand Promise is Value Creation Through Brand Differentiation.

In fact, the first thing our real estate marketing clients notice about us—and many times the reason they work with us—is because of our proprietary process. After all, we’ve spent years perfecting a real estate branding process that will best serve our master planned communities, luxury real estate marketing professionals, home builder marketing professionals, and other clients. So what, exactly, does the Milesbrand real estate branding process entail? Our real estate branding process is basically comprised of these three areas:

  1. Discovering the core of our clients’ true differentiation: their unique Brand DNA
  2. Memorably communicating that Brand DNA across all channels, optimizing each campaign to perform with measurable and consistent ROI
  3. Leveraging programmatic buying, real time bidding (RTB) and big data to identify your customers and then deliver the right message, on the right device, at the right time

It’s through the following nuanced process that we’re able to consistently differentiate master planned community and homebuilder brands from their competition.


This portion of the Milesbrand process is centered around getting to know you and your homebuilding company or master planned community. It’s an identification of the essential brand ingredients that provide the most compelling differentiation from your competition.


Next, we distill what was learned in the Brand Charette and turn it into a unique Brand Promise. The Brand Promise is crucial in answering the most important value-creation question: “Will people perceive a desirable difference?”


Here’s where the real fun begins! The Brand Storm is a “storm” of creative ideas designed to determine the most powerful way to express the Brand Promise. The final choice provides a creative platform to guide all future communication for your master planned community, home builder marketing, or luxury real estate marketing.


Now we think about where to go from here. The Brand Plan is a comprehensive “go to market” roadmap that integrates brand and business strategies—online and off— to take the brand from how it is perceived today to how we want it to be perceived in the future.

To learn more about the Milesbrand process, or to see additional work we have created for some of the best master planned communities and homebuilders in the country, contact us today.

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