September 12, 2017

Even our office space wins awards: TRIO Environments wins ASID Crystal Award for Milesbrand Renovation

We’d like to congratulate TRIO Environments for their award-winning work on the recent renovation of the Milesbrand real estate branding and marketing office, bringing home this year’s esteemed ASID Crystal Award for Best Commercial Renovation Under 15,000 square feet. TRIO captured the vision we had for our office space perfectly and we couldn’t be happier with the results.

The Vision

When it was time to renovate our real estate branding office, located in the bustling Tech Center just south of Denver, Colorado, Dave Miles knew just who would be perfect for the job: Angela Harris, Principal and Creative Director of Denver-based Trio Environments.

“I met Angela Harris when we served on The Home Builders Association of Denver’s Sales and Marketing Council together,” Miles said. “Since then Milesbrand has created branding work for Trio Environments including ad campaigns and other marketing materials. And in return Trio Environments agreed to help us with our office interior.”

While Milesbrand’s new office space had potential—high ceilings, natural light in every room, lots of volume—accentuating the positive features while minimizing or removing the negative ones was going to be quite the endeavor. All the while keeping in mind the wants and needs of the nation’s most award-winning real estate marketing and branding agency.

“The foyer was a big issue. It was walled off and dark,” Miles said. “The first thing we wanted to do was clear all of that out and open it up so you can see through the front door to natural light.” An avid contemporary art collector, Miles was also inspired by the space’s white walls. “The white walls inspired a gallery feel for the office. This allows me to extend my art collection into our office space while nodding to the underlying real estate branding creativity that goes on here.”

And Trio Environments was the perfect partner in bringing Miles’ vision to life.

“We collaborated on how to do the renovation in phases, as inexpensively and efficiently as possible,” Miles said. “New carpet was a big expense, but it really transformed the space, making it feel new and like it was ours. New white furniture and stand up desks also made an incredible difference.”

Our collaboration with Trio Environments—on both real estate marketing industry materials and in commercial design—has obviously been a successful one and we can’t wait to work with Harris and her team in the future.

“We would like to thank the visionary, Dave Miles, for trusting us to design a creative environment for his office renovation,” Harris said of the project.

Trio Environments

TRIO Environments is one of the most highly-regarded, fastest growing market-driven interior design and visual merchandising firms in the nation, with a focus on multifamily, model homes, high-end custom residential and commercial projects. Over a 17-year journey, the one-employee business has blossomed into a thriving national design firm with offices in Denver and New York. With its signature style of telling a story and its unique collaborative process, the company has helped to sell more than 21,500 homes and generated over $7 billion in revenue for commercial and residential clients. Just like Milesbrand, the most awarded real estate branding and marketing company in the country, TRIO Environments is no stranger to award-winning work in the real estate industry. Year after year we’re excited to see them and their latest designs alongside us each compete for golds in our respective real estate marketing niches at NAHB’s The Nationals awards.

TRIO Environments was also honored as a distinguished recipient of two other ASID Colorado 2017 Crystal Awards: Best Temporary Installation for Lakehouse Sales Center and Best New Construction, 7,000+ square feet for Highlands 32.

About ASID

Founded in 1975, ASID is the oldest, largest and only multi-disciplinary professional organization for interior designers, interior design students and the manufacturers and suppliers who support the profession.The rich, vibrant history of the organization goes back to the founding of its predecessor organizations, the American Institute of Interior Designers (AID) and the National Society of Interior Designers (NSID).

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