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01 October 2019
The Case for Connecting with Emotion

The Case for Connecting with Emotion The modern era of branding has arrived, and with it, a bigger-than-ever responsibility for business owners to adapt to a new standard. …

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30 July 2019
Real Estate Landing Pages – Why They Work and Strategies for Success

Real Estate Landing Pages – Why They Work and Strategies for Success In 2019, real estate lead generation is largely an online game. Sales centers and closing rooms …

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20 June 2019
Drive More Traffic, Increase Leads, and Sell More Homes with a Tradigital Approach. 

Drive More Traffic, Increase Leads, and Sell More Homes with a Tradigital Approach. A Balanced Approach At Milesbrand, we spend a fair amount of time figuring out the …

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04 April 2019
Vivant National Award

Every year the NAHB National Sales and Marketing Council holds The Nationals Awards to honor the best in new-home sales and marketing. Milesbrand—along with partners Trio Environments, KGA …

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04 March 2019
Nationals 2019 Gold Award Winner – Best Print Campaign

Milesbrand was awarded the 2019 Gold Award for Best Print Campaign for our work with William Lyon Homes at this year’s The Nationals, hosted by the National Sales …

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23 May 2018
The 3 biggest challenges facing real estate marketing professionals today

On top of the ever-fluctuating challenges of the housing and home building market, real estate marketing professionals face a number of day-to-day challenges. Here are three of the …

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01 May 2018
The Milesbrand Process

As the world’s most awarded real estate branding company, Milesbrand is in the value creation business. We create that value by helping our real estate marketing clients identify …

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28 March 2018
Nationals 2018 Gold Award Winner – Best Brochure for a Builder

As always, we were thrilled to participate in this year’s NAHB Nationals awards. As the world’s most awarded real estate branding and marketing agency, we’re always excited to …

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06 March 2018
Four Ways 3D printing is changing the real estate industry

From prosthetics, to burgers, to toothpaste tube squeezers, 3D printing has brought innovation to almost every corner of contemporary life, and the real estate industry is no exception. …

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02 February 2018
5 Design Trends to Keep Your Eye on in 2018

From simplified spaces, to moodier palettes, to mixed materials, there are many design trends that real estate marketing and branding professionals will be keeping their eyes on in …

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15 January 2018
Optimizing Your Paid Search Conversion Rate

Optimizing paid search conversion rates in real estate branding helps businesses understand how their paid search marketing campaigns are affecting their bottom line. Paid search marketing is of …

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05 January 2018
Landing Page Optimization Techniques: Get Your Visitors To Take Action

A well-designed landing page is a key element of real estate branding that will capture your reader’s attention, lead them by the hand through the copy, and end …

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11 December 2017
Working Remotely in Real Estate: Trends, Forecasts, and why we love Work-From-Home Wednesday

Ever since the first desktop was plugged into a home office wall, promises of working remotely have been kept to varying degrees—in the real estate industry and beyond. …

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20 November 2017
Extra Curricular Activities

No matter how passionate we are about real estate marketing, even the team behind the world’s most awarded real estate branding agency has to step back and recharge …

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10 November 2017
Denver MAME Awards: We’re excited to add seven more trophies to our collection

Another year, another successful Denver MAME awards show! This past weekend we were honored to win seven MAME (Marketing and Merchandising Excellence) awards for our recent real estate …

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02 November 2017
Award Submittal Season: A Peek Into Our Process

Happy award submittal season, everyone! As the world’s most awarded real estate branding and marketing agency, we look forward each year to reviewing all of the real estate marketing …

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28 September 2017
Best Email Marketing Practices

In today’s fast paced digital landscape, email has become a daily life event and somewhat of an afterthought in the minds of many real estate marketers. We hear …

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12 September 2017
Even our office space wins awards: TRIO Environments wins ASID Crystal Award for Milesbrand Renovation

We’d like to congratulate TRIO Environments for their award-winning work on the recent renovation of the Milesbrand real estate branding and marketing office, bringing home this year’s esteemed …

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06 September 2017
TECHNOLOGY TRENDS: New digital tactics you need to know

The real estate marketing industry is seeing the benefits of new technologies, adapting to innovation—more quickly than usual—as homebuilders and master planned communities utilize different digital platforms and …

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08 August 2017
Mobile sites, Millennials, and Tech Hubs: Our take on what’s trending

As the nation’s most awarded real estate branding agency, it’s necessary for us to keep our eyes on the future, watching trends among not only the country’s top …

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08 August 2017
Branding vs. Marketing: What’s the Difference and Why It Matters

Basically, branding v. marketing is the difference between who you are and how you make people aware of who you are. While real estate marketing is typically held …

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08 August 2017
How to Choose a Digital Marketing Agency

When asked the best referral source to drive traffic to your business, most businesses will say word of mouth. The second most effective driver of business is your …

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