May 23, 2018

The 3 Biggest Challenges Facing Real Estate Marketing Professionals Today

On top of the ever-fluctuating challenges of the housing and home building market, real estate marketing professionals face a number of day-to-day challenges. Here are three of the biggest real estate branding and real estate marketing challenges we see in the industry today:


One huge challenge, according to a recent survey, is that almost half of marketers (49%) said they’re not satisfied with how directly data is tied to marketing decisions. Past research has found Chief Marketing Officers find data analytics is among the most difficult skills to find in a trusted real estate branding partner. Obviously real estate marketing professionals know data is extremely important—though half of the people surveyed feel they could be using it in a more effective way.

After all, leveraging analytics can be overwhelming and inefficient if not implemented correctly. In today’s real estate marketing landscape, where there’s a wealth of new technology and services that could help improve and monitor processes and equipment, it can be hard to know how to use that data to your advantage—especially when it comes to serving up display ads.  One survey recently found that over half of served display ads aren’t ever seen by humans thanks to Adblockers and bots.


Efficiently leveraging data is obviously a huge opportunity for real estate marketers. A skilled real estate branding agency knows how to harness this data, using full-stack programmatic platforms that offer data-driven audience identification and targeted delivery while maintaining viewability. This way, home builder marketing professionals and other real estate marketers can ensure their messages appear at precisely the moment their ideal customer is ready, willing and interested—regardless of when and where that might be.


Another finding that may not be surprising to real estate marketing professionals is the level of satisfaction (or dissatisfaction) with their real estate branding agency partners.  From luxury real estate marketing, to home builder marketing, to master planned community marketing, agencies obviously play a large role in their clients’ success and growth. Which is why having a trusted partnership and being completely aligned with their creative agency is incredibly important. Yet 41% of marketers surveyed said they’re “ somewhat satisfied” with their advertising agency experience. What’s more, 36% aren’t satisfied at all.


Find a proven real estate advertising agency,  like Milesbrand, that has created valued partnerships with home builders, luxury real estate builders, and master-planned communities over decades. Our proven process and strategies have continued to provide measurable results for our clients, matching or exceeding expectations.


The first moments that potential homebuyers interact with your brand are critical ones. In an instant they decide whether you’re trustworthy, professional, and appealing to their needs—and the first time many potential homebuyers will interact with your luxury real estate, home builder, or master-planned community brand is online. So one big way real estate marketing professionals can improve their first impression online is by updating their websites. If a potential home buyer is learning about your company for the first time it makes sense that your website is crucial for making a good first impression.


From user experience, to copy, to creative design, to having a short load time, having a strategic, well-constructed website is often the first step in generating leads and convincing prospects that your worthy of their time and money. Revamping your website can even show previous prospects or homebuyers that you’re ahead of the curve—maybe even convincing them to purchase from you again. Find a real estate branding agency that has the digital know-how and proven history of creating websites that generate leads and achieve goals. Milesbrand, for instance, was awarded a Gold National award from the National Association of Homebuilders in 2018 for Best Website.

While there will always be new challenges and opportunities cropping up for real estate marketing professionals, Milesbrand prides itself on our proven track record and ability to stay ahead of the trends. Contact us today to see what we can do for your home building company, luxury real estate company, or master-planned community.

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