September 6, 2017

Technology Trends: New Digital Tactics You Need to Know

The real estate marketing industry is seeing the benefits of new technologies, adapting to innovation—more quickly than usual—as homebuilders and master planned communities utilize different digital platforms and devices to market and sell their products. Here is some of the technology we’re seeing more of and some we plan on seeing more of in the near future.


One form of technology that’s really *taken flight* in the real estate marketing industry is the drone. From easily filming sweeping views of a new community, to capturing 360° views of a model home or a build in progress, drones allow home builders and master planned community marketers to show off properties in a way that wouldn’t have been possible just years ago without a helicopter. And because consumers are 85% more likely to purchase a product or service if they watch an accompanying video, it looks like drones have found a home in award-winning real estate marketing.


The retiree market is growing…fast. Because nearly 20% of America’s population is reaching retirement age AND they’re planning on aging in place, it’s more important now than ever that new homes cater to this increasingly technology-savvy audience. In addition to the traditional amenities geared toward retirees—like shower seating and grab bars or automatic countertops and shelving—tech-forward extras like video doorbells and wireless security systems will also be appreciated.


Though not commonplace yet, augmented and virtual reality are starting to show up in almost every industry: from video games to automobiles. And because the AR/VR industry is expected to grow by leaps and bounds—with an estimated worth of $215 billion in 2021—it makes sense that this technology will make its way into real estate marketing. For many design-led industries, like real estate branding and sales, the biggest challenge is often showing potential buyers what the finished product will look like, or helping out-of-town buyers experience a model home from afar. AR/VR allows us to take virtual tours from 2D to 3D—bringing home builders and master planned communities one step closer to the sale.


Blockchain is on a mission to build more open and accessible data and finances. Besides creating a digital registry that can’t be tampered with, it enables immediate financial authentication and transaction without costly intermediaries—which means it could make big waves in the real estate marketing and sales industry. While the real estate industry has typically been slow to adopt new technologies, it’s already becoming more open to the idea that blockchain could transform the way we buy and sell real estate: by lowering hidden costs, expediting the process, reducing frauds, and increasing transparency. In fact, Sweden is already putting blockchain technology to the test by using it to record property transactions—a move that could save Swedish taxpayers over €100 million ($117 million USD) per year.


It may seem small at first glance, but the importance of data driven advertising in real estate marketing is becoming more and more understood. Having your message appear at precisely the moment your potential homebuyer is ready, willing and interested, regardless of when and where that might be, is a science. And, as an award-winning real estate marketing agency, it’s something we take into consideration at every turn and our sister-company, Strategus, executes flawlessly every day.

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