June 20, 2019

Drive More Traffic, Leads and Sell More Homes with a Tradigital Approach

A Balanced Approach

At Milesbrand, we spend a fair amount of time figuring out the best, most effective and efficient ways to get your message to market. We’ve been around long enough to see those ways evolve dramatically through the years. The biggest change has come from the digital revolution—smartphones and multi-screen connection on the hardware side, along with apps, omni-channel, and social media platforms on the software side. All of which were supposed to herald the end of traditional media as we know it. Except that hasn’t happened. Tried-and-true, time-tested broadcast media is still plenty relevant, in all kinds of different circumstances. So, what’s the best approach for your brand, traditional media or digital?

Our answer: Both. We’re not being facetious. We take a tradigital approach to every recommendation we make here. Why?

Because, in the end, it’s all media. The impact and blanket effect of the right radio or television campaign serves an altogether different purpose and utility than a targeted banner ad campaign. The former is fantastic for getting someone’s attention and the latter should be focused on keeping it. And, when it comes to a market like homebuyers—where the majority of the market isn’t in the market at any given time—both are essential.

We’ll be sharing examples of our tradigital approach—from landing pages, geo-fencing, and segmented eblasts to spot television, out-of-home, and radio—through the course of the year.

Here’s the first:

True Homes

[youtube id=”CE_E5Zo1NpA”]

True Homes is on a mission: to become the most consumer-centric new home builder in the country. And Milesbrand has been with them every step of the way. We helped name, brand and launch the company in 2006, and have handled all branding and marketing duties since. It’s a strategic partnership that has helped True Homes expand into five different markets throughout the Carolinas and produced over 1,600 sales last year.

 A Campaign Convincing Renters Not-To

The objective of this integrated campaign (outdoor, TV, radio, digital) was creating market-wide awareness with renters about True Homes affordable solutions. True saw an opportunity to talk about the advantage of home ownership in a hot rental market that had an abundance of high-end housing inventory and very little affordable inventory.

The messaging focused on “True Affordability”—low payments with no-money-down options—using humor and emoji-like animation to cut through the clutter. A local TV buy kicked it all off, followed by radio and complementary outdoor, a follow-up television flight, and a final radio flight. An Eblast dropped after the first and second rounds of TV, and an animated GIF supporting the campaign was created for the True Home landing page.

It resulted in a record number of sales—821 homes—surpassing the 787-home sales goal. And, in the recently announced Charlotte Major Achievement in Market Excellence (Mame) Awards, won gold for Best Billboard, and Best Advertising Campaign.

Perhaps even more extraordinary was a message we were forwarded from the True Team, about a customer who had purchased a new home. It read: “Bought on her first visit and came in because of our commercial!”

If you’re looking to drive more traffic to your communities, increase sales and raise awareness for your brand – let’s chat! Milesbrand is here to provide you with a tradigital solution.

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